Acetyle L-Carnitine Powder (250g)

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Acetyl L-Carnitine is a versatile amino acid that has been proven, trialled and researched to help with:

  • Fat Loss, Muscle Mass & Bone Mass
  • Reduce chest pain with those with heart conditions
  • Improve male fertility with those showing a low sperm count;
  • Increase glucose oxidation in Type II Diabetes sufferers
  • Improve brain function & cognitive ability
  • Reduce damage done to healthy cells by free radicals

**Up to 6 months’ supply**

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Product Description

L Carnitine  is synthesised in the body from the amino acids Lysine and  methionine.  L-Carnitine has a wonderful array of benefits including the following:

1.  Fat Loss If you are looking to get lean, then this is the amino acid you need. L-Carnitine transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria, where they may be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant as well. Therefore, L-Carnitine would be a major asset to have in your arsenal when you are dieting. It not only will help keep your body from storing fat, but it will increase your aerobic capacity to help you burn more calories.

2.  Muscle Mass L-Carnitine is also a great weapon for serious athletes looking to pack on muscle. Supplementing with L-Carnitine can help you increase your power, strength and heavier weights mean bigger muscles in the long run.

3.  Bone Mass Aging bone loss is a major concern of many senior citizens and post-menopausal women. Of course this can lead to increased chances of fractures, osteoporosis, and arthritis among other bone diseases. Fortunately, by taking L-Carnitine, you can slow down the bone loss process and improve bone micro structural properties by decreasing bone turnover.

4.  Heart Condition Carnitine  is primarily used for heart related conditions.  Several clinical trials show that L-Carnitine can be used along with conventional treatment for angina to reduce the needs for medicine and improve the ability of those with angina to exercise without chest pain or discomfort. Some studies have determined that taking l-Carnitine after a heart attack decreases the chances of suffering another one later. Carnitine has actually been given to help treat people with heart disease.

5.  Male Infertility For those men that have been trying to have children and have low sperm counts, Carnitine has been suggested and shown to help improve both sperm count and quality sperm.

6.  Women Who Breast Feed New mothers who choose to breast feed normally do so in part because of the number of calories it burns, but one side effect is it lowers your body’s amount of Carnitine. Even though you are sufficient in it while you are pregnant, taking extra Carnitine can help prevent your body from being deficient. Combining both the breast feeding and the Carnitine means that new moms will lose that baby weight faster.

7.  Type II Diabetes People that have Type II diabetes can also benefit from Carnitine supplementation. Taking L-Carnitine helps diabetics by increasing glucose oxidation, glucose storage, as well as glucose uptake.

8.  Immune System L-Carnitine serves as an  antioxidant that can help prevent damage done to your healthy cells by free radicals. This can help you out when you have a cold or are dealing with various seasonal allergies and training.

9.  Brain Function Seniors that can use something to help improve brain function has more than just gingko biloba to take. L-Carnitine  helps protect the brain from both age related and stress related damage to the brain which helps it function longer and better.



Directions :  Take ¼  Teaspoon (approx. 1 gram) – mixed in your food or drink (water, juice)


Dosage : Studies have demonstrated that dosages between 2 to 4 grams per day are effective. Due to the way Carnitine is absorbed, there is no advantage in taking more than 2 grams at a time. Typical doses of supplemental acetyl-L-Carnitine are between 500 mgs to 2 grams daily in divided doses.



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